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Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our audiences, including attendees, exhibitors, vendors, staff, industry partners, and others involved in the summit. According to the requirements regarding the guidelines for Covid-19 Prevention and Control by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Directorate General of Health Services and Department of Health and Family Welfare Karnataka, parties involved will take the necessary epidemic prevention measures as below to ensure the health and safety of all exhibitors, visitors, service partners and employees at 4th Annual Airport Modernization Summit 2021.

We have been working closely with the venue in anticipation of welcoming our exhibitors, attendees, speakers, VIP guests to 4th Annual Airport Modernization Summit 2021.

Safety Action Plan

Step 1: We are constantly monitoring the situation, and following the Indian government guideline and recommendations.

Step 2: All the attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and partners will receive Event Preparedness Plan, which will outline all the health/safety guidelines and protocols being implemented at the event.

Step 3: No one under 18 years & above 65 years will be allowed to attend the summit.

Step 4: All the attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and partners being recommended to install & use of Aarogya Setu App.

Step 5: Clear communications with all delegates, exhibitors, visitors and contractors about COVID-19 protocols.

Step 6: Floor markings and clear signage will be used throughout the summit.

Step 7: Body temperature will be recorded on arrival for everyone who enters the venue, anyone found symptomatic during thermal screening will be politely refused entry and advised to seek immediate medical care.

Step 8: Face mask that cover both the nose and mouth is mandatory for all the delegates, visitors, exhibitors, contractors and event staff at all times during the entire event.

Step 9: Event space, floor plans and seating capacities have been adjusted to be compliant with social distancing guidelines, and each guest needs to maintain 6 feet distance from other guests.

Step 10: Hand hygiene and alcohol-based products are provided in the places frequented by expo guests, e.g. at reception desks, toilets, in front of catering spaces, etc.

Step 11: We advise exhibitors, sponsors & partners to use digital payments where possible to avoid the handling of cash.

Step 12: Reinforced food safety standards, new buffet and table service protocols

Step 13: All AV equipment will be sanitized, with microphones in particular sanitized between every use.

Step 14: The number of visitors inside the event venue shall be restricted in accordance with the order issued by Ministry of Health & Family Affairs from time to time.

Step 15: Closed, isolated and properly disinfected rooms have been prepared - these rooms (isolation rooms) are to be used by people who demonstrate infection symptoms.

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